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  1. FEELING UGLY: Ugly, girls don't look at me,don't want to go out because of that.

  2. VIOLENT OBSESSIONS: Having obsessions of something horrible happing like stabbing someone you love.having those unwanted thoughts make you feel very scared it comes to the point that you think that maybe you can be a murderer.

  3. PERFECTION: Fear of going to bed at night because its the last thing you do in that day so every thing before that (e.g.- state of my room) has to be perfect. This can often result in getting in and out of bed.

  4. I have been diagnosed with ocd in 1995, am am now a 39 Year old male.My Greatest fear is going crazy ie having scitzophernia as I read up the symptoms I started to imagine them myself and therefore thought I had them myself.The most horrible one at the moment is thinking the thought that people can think what I am thinking.When I experience this i get great fear and anxiety and think I really have thought this and that plunges me deeper into the thought spiral even thought I know it is impossible for someone to be able to think what I am thinking. Lately these thoughts are about my loved ones which are the ones which are really the worst ones to think about.

    By Relapsed.

  5. I have an obsession when reading to make sure every word is read and taken in. This results in my frequently reading the same sentence or sentences several times. It makes reading large-scale pieces like novels very hard for me.

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  1. Things that have to be "taken back" if I have a bad/nasty thought when i do or touch something, for e.g. picking up a TV remote, if when i pick it up I have a bad thought I will have to put it down and pick it up again, maybe several times in an attempt to eliminate the bad thought or "take it back". One of my "rules" I guess.

  2. Rereading chapters of a book several times in order to feel like the material has been properly understood and remembered.

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